Pre Announcement: CoinQuiz is coming!


Official Website:

CoinQuiz will be available in Website version and for [u]Androd devices from the last week of December or the first week of January. When it will be ready we will update this thread specifying the launch date, keep an eye on it!


Soon we will describe the distribution of the prizes, how the total jackpot will be made and when the contest ends.

Advertising spaces are available, PM for more information!


Are you good at identifying altcoins logos? Test your skills and see how much you really know about altcoins in this quiz game!

CoinQuiz is a game that consists on guessing the names of hundreds of logos from different cryptocoins. The goal of this game is to identify logos and correctly type the name that the logo represents. Identify as many logos as possible to unlock more levels. As you complete each level, the difficulty will increase. Challenge yourself and see how far you can go!




Here some screenshots of the game:

34sezht.png      198txh.png      214772g.png
2jfi1zs.png      n3kayo.png

Partnership with

We are pleased to announce our first partnership with! Logo
With the release of the new version 1.2.5 it is possible to buy Bitcoin using the new section “Buy btc” that now appears on Bitcon Map (currently only for Italian users).
There you can find every available method to buy bitcoins, a description of the modes of payment and an updated list of prices; Bitcoin Map then redirects users into the website to complete the order.

Block Confirmation Alarm, free and opensource

Tired of waiting for bitcoin/dogecoin/litecoin transaction confirmations hitting F5 all the time? This page allows you to keep tracking of confirmations for your bitcoin/dogecoin/litecoin transaction; after setup and after the reaching of confirmation target, the page will produce a notification.

Block Confirmation Alarm is now available here: Bitcointalk

You can find the source code here: Github