ZCash launch

Yesterday, October 28th, the crypto world was thrilled by the release of Zcash, the first digital currency that promises total anonymity and high level of privacy. Bitcoin, the first and most well known digital currency based on blockchain technology, is characterized by a public ledger that register each transaction that occurs in the network, the […]


Official Web Site: http://www.ethereumwisdom.com EthereumWisdom is a simple page to display the realtime ethereum price from various exchanges; the idea is inspired by BitcoinWisdom, that offers the same service for Bitcoin and altcoins. We will implement other features in the spare time, such as charts and 24h volume.

Bitcoin Map rewarded in “Top 10 Bitcoin Apps for Android”

Due to lack of time we stopped the development of the App, but recently we achieved interesting goals, so we will try to work again on it! Cointelegraph ranked Bitcoin Map in the Top 10 Bitcoin Apps for Android list!  http://cointelegraph.com/news/114618/top-10-bitcoin-apps-for-android We reached 1000 download with an average of 40 active users per day, keeping constant the score (4.4 out of […]

CoinQuiz’s prizes

Unclaimed prizes (19,130 #dogecoin) have been donated to @GhanaMedHelp! (http://www.ghanamedicalhelp.com) https://chain.so/tx/DOGE/577f082987fd22d28fbce70b36f71a0a478bcee7a3a0a8cb28481746913a118a Here you can find the detailed list of the winners with every transaction: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=936845.msg10426310#msg10426310

Bitcoin Map 1.3 is now available in the Play Store

Download: As promised one month ago this update has been released in time, thus the partnership with Bitcoin.de is now fully achieved! This service is available for German users, but also in English.                     Users are now able to check the Bitcoin’s price, the history and […]

Some data after the first week. #CoinQuiz

After the first week the total jackpot is increased by 15,000 Doge. CoinQuiz has been played by 212 players; 23,500 page has been requested for the previous 7 days and the total number of sessions was 1,160! Thank you and good luck with the game! Next week we will release 5 new levels, with 50 […]

Official release date: January 5th 2015

We are ready, CoinQuiz is coming!   New update: Hints OpenBitLab gives you 5 free hints, but you can buy more hints using your deposited Dogecoin. After 3 confirmations, your deposited Dogecoin will appear in Doge balance. Dogecoin used for hints will form the Challenge total price, as told before. The address changes after each […]

Partnership with Bitcoin.de

We are pleased to announce the partnership with Bitcoin.de! Users will be able to check the price, the history and the orderbook of Bitcoin.de market, using the section “Buy btc” in Bitcoin Map. Users that wants to buy or sell btc will be redirected into the website to complete the order. It will be available mainly […]