Official release date: January 5th 2015

We are ready, CoinQuiz is coming!   New update: Hints OpenBitLab gives you 5 free hints, but you can buy more hints using your deposited Dogecoin. After 3 confirmations, your deposited Dogecoin will appear in Doge balance. Dogecoin used for hints will form the Challenge total price, as told before. The address changes after each […]

Partnership with

We are pleased to announce the partnership with! Users will be able to check the price, the history and the orderbook of market, using the section “Buy btc” in Bitcoin Map. Users that wants to buy or sell btc will be redirected into the website to complete the order. It will be available mainly […]

Pre Announcement: CoinQuiz is coming!

Official Website: CoinQuiz will be available in Website version and for [u]Androd devices from the last week of December or the first week of January. When it will be ready we will update this thread specifying the launch date, keep an eye on it!   Soon we will describe the distribution of the prizes, how […]