Block Confirmation Alarm, free and opensource

Tired of waiting for bitcoin/dogecoin/litecoin transaction confirmations hitting F5 all the time? This page allows you to keep tracking of confirmations for your bitcoin/dogecoin/litecoin transaction; after setup and after the reaching of confirmation target, the page will produce a notification. Block Confirmation Alarm is now available here: Bitcointalk You can find the source code here: […]

Bitcoin Map 1.2

Bitcoin Map 1.2  is now available in the Play Store!   In this update you can find: German translation Actionbar toolbar Near you filtering

100 downloads & News

We finally reached 100 downloads! thanks to those who have downloaded and tried the app soon there will be major updates: we are implementing categories, with a filter to select the different types of commercial activities (it will be available in ‘Map’ and ‘Near to you’). Stay tuned!